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We have created an ecommerce platform It allows retailers and wholesalers (registered under GST) to showcase and sell their products on the platform.
The platform is same as other e-commerce platforms but we aim at different targets:
Our First Aim-
We are trying our best to make our platform easy to understand and simplest than ever for our vendors and customers as well. Nowadays a small retailer can’t think of publishing their products on an e-commerce platform because of their difficult techy system as Indian vendors are not up to date with technology. They didn’t want to spend money to hire another mediator which publish and keep their products updated on e-commerce platforms. The same problem with vendors running a more profitable business but they can hire those mediators to achieve their targets. This increases the gap between small scale and large scale vendors.
Our platform gives support to all from a small scale vendor to the brand owners to publish their products. From this, we can decrease the above-mentioned gap.
Our Second Aim-
We want to mainly sell a large variety of Indian handicrafts, traditional goods, and all other Indian manufactured goods all across the globe. This can increase the demand for manpower and thus reduces unemployment. We thought growing the demand for Indian manufactured goods can reduce unemployment.
Our Third Aim-
Our third and foremost important target is to fully satisfy the demand of customers. They shouldn’t feel cheated at any time dealing with us. Customer Satisfaction is our main priority.


The platform allows sellers across India to sell their products online. The platform creates a simple structure for uploading products to viewing reports. Enjoy a new experience of online shopping in India




Customer care : +91-844-55-88-738 , +91-800-69-59-330

E-mail for any kind of support and query :

For grievance redressal

please contact at :  +91-800-69-59-330

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contact : +91-800-69-59-330, +91-844-55-88-738

E-mail  :

For any kind of services you can also contact us at

Navkar e-services

Address : D660/32A/30 Balaji nagar, kamla nagar, Agra, Uttar pradesh, India – 282005

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